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Excel Mobile Repair is passionate about all things involving heavy equipment repair. Owner Jack Brands and his team of expert mechanics have over thirty-five years of combined industry experience, it should go without saying that if you need truck repair services, we’re the guys you should contact. What separates us from other truck repair and steel fabrication services is our mobility and naturally responsive service. Other heavy equipment repair services are weighed down by cumbersome workshops, they are defined by their workspace. The experts at Excel Mobile Repair address this issue by putting our workshops on wheels, we have three fully-stocked service trucks designed specifically to meet you on your site! 

Jack Brands’ inspiration for Excel Mobile Repair came shortly after his wife passed away from cancer. Wishing to provide a positive influence for his three daughters, Brands needed to devise a new business model that would address two issues, he needed a flexible work schedule that still helped the ever-growing demand for heavy equipment repair. He was quick to make the realization that steel fabrication and transmission services were few and far between for trucks and construction equipment. Rather than trying to draw the customers to his stores, Jack Brands decided to take his services to them!


Our philosophy at Excel Mobile Repair is focused on doing the right thing for people. The right thing in our minds is making your life more convenient through providing metal fabrication, welding, and engine repair services without requiring you to come to our doorstep. If you’re interested in having us fix up your diesel truck or your construction equipment, do not hesitate to contact us, we’ll be glad to send out a fully equipped repair truck to your location!

PHONE: 616-648-5319ADDRESS: 2275 Burlingame Ave SW Suite 14A, Wyoming MI 49509

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